The Board's responsibilities

The Building Professionals Board has two main responsibilities under the Building Professionals Act 2005: accrediting certifiers to undertake certification work in NSW, and investigating the professional conduct of certifiers. The Board's services support and fulfil these responsibilities.

Like other NSW Government authorities, the Board also has specific responsibilities in relation to privacy, information disclosure, probity, governance, and annual reporting on organisational and financial performance.

Accrediting certifiers

The Board is responsible for accrediting certifiers in NSW, and for developing, implementing and reviewing an accreditation scheme

The accreditation scheme sets the requirements that all certifiers must meet in terms of qualifications, skills, knowledge, professional conduct and continuing professional development.

Accredited certifiers, not the Board, are responsible for issuing development certificates.

Investigating accredited certifiers

The Board is responsible for carrying out all investigations (whether or not in response to a complaint) into the professional conduct of accredited certifiers in an impartial, timely, transparent and fair manner.

Anyone can lodge a complaint about a certifier or an accredited body corporate, and the Board may investigate in response. If a certifier is found to have engaged in unsatisfactory professional conduct or professional misconduct, the Board may take one or more disciplinary actions.

Responsibilities of other parties

The Building Professionals Board is just one regulator of building and subdivision in NSW. We have no legislative power to:

  • act on complaints against builders or tradespeople, or property owners
  • order building work to cease
  • rectify unauthorised building work for a particular development
  • enforce conditions of development consent for a particular development.

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