Audit programs

The Building Professionals Board regularly audits accredited certifiers, focusing on education and best practice. Audits assist certifiers to understand their obligations and ensure they are meeting legislative requirements.

Our audits may also reveal systemic issues, knowledge gaps and potential conflicts of interest

Benefits of audits

Many errors and complaints can be avoided through education and by applying the lessons identified from audits.

Audits help ensure all certifiers have a guaranteed level of knowledge and skills, providing further assurance to property owners that a development meets legislative requirements.

Certifiers appreciate the audit process as an independent check and validation of their work practices, and as a proven way to reduce complaints. Some certifiers have volunteered to be audited, knowing that it will benefit their work.

The audit process

Are you a certifier who is going to be audited? Audits are usually conducted at your office and may involve a review of development files and registers, discussions about your work practices and concerns you may have, or visits to development sites. 

You'll have the opportunity to explain how you have, or plan to, address any issues identified during the audit.

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