New certification provisions of the EP&A Act postponed until 2019

17 Aug 2018
Commencement of Part 6 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment (EP&A) Act 1979, which covers building and subdivision certification, has been postponed until 1 September 2019.

Division 6.7 (Building information certificates) of Part 6 commenced on 1 March 2018. The former section 121ZP has been continued through clause 41 of Schedule 5 of the EP&A Act, allowing councils to continue to issue certificates as to whether there are outstanding orders or notices for a site.

The remaining Part 6 provisions will not take effect until 2019. Until that time the current provisions continue to operate.

The EP&A (Savings, Transitional and Other Provisions) Regulation 2017 will be updated soon to reflect the new start date.

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