Certification data reporting – software providers urged to get ready

21 Dec 2017
Providers of specialised building certification software can start updating their products now to ensure their clients can meet the new data reporting requirements being introduced for NSW councils and accredited certifiers.

To strengthen certification and building regulation in NSW, certifiers and councils will soon be required by law to report certain data on building certification to the NSW Government. (Read more about certification data reporting.)

There are three data reporting methods:

  • API bulk data transfer
  • SFTP bulk data transfer
  • ‘CertAbility’ mobile app for iOS and Android.

Providers of building certification software are encouraged to update their software products/systems from April 2018 to enable their clients to meet the mandatory reporting date 1 July 2018. An introductory, voluntary reporting phase will begin in early 2018.

Software providers should also consider contacting their certifier and council clients now, to help them prepare for the change, and to provide assurance that software products will be updated to meet the data reporting requirements.

The benefit of updating software products now

Software products that are verified by the Government as meeting the data reporting requirements will be listed on the Building Professionals Board’s website. Certifiers will be advised that the listed products are the only ones that have been verified.

Accessing technical information about the API or SFTP reporting channels

Software providers can contact the Building Professionals Board to access a sample API (i.e. JSON file) and/or SFTP template, together with relevant technical documentation.

Once an updated software product is ready, the provider should contact the Board to register to begin submitting data, so the updated product can be verified as compliant.

Which certifiers will be affected?

Local councils in NSW, accredited certifiers in categories A1, A2 and A3, and accredited bodies corporate are affected by the new data reporting requirements, but only when appointed as PCA.

Certifiers in other categories of accreditation (such as ‘C category’ engineers) are not required to report to the new database. Certifiers with multiple categories of accreditation only need to report their work under their A1-A3 accreditation.

Data will be submitted from the commencement of building work through to the issue of the final occupation certificate.

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