Certificates: who can apply and required documents

10 Apr 2014
The Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 sets out who can apply for a certificate, and what documents are required with applications.

Lessons identified from audits has been updated with more advice for certifiers about:

  • who can apply for a construction, complying development or occupation certificate
  • what documents are required with applications
  • using checklists to develop application forms
  • reducing your liability.

Go to lessons identified from audits and click 'lessons identified when assessing applications' for more information.

Previous BPBulletins also provide advice about applications for certificates:

  • Only the person who can appoint a PCA can apply for a construction certificate (September 2010 BPBulletin).
  • An application for an occupation certificate can’t be submitted at the same time as an application for a construction certificate (October 2011 BPBulletin).
  • Certifiers must provide council with certain information about each construction certificate and complying development certificate issued (October 2009 BPBulletin).
  • Plans/ specifications approved by a construction certificate should include a reference to that certificate (December 2008 BPBulletin).