Development certificates – application forms and associated notices

Your council or principal certifying authority can provide all the forms you need for your development, such as application forms for development certificates.

The Building Professionals Board also provides application forms and notices for each stage of development.

Replace a principal certifying authority

The replace a certifier page provides more information and forms for:

  • notifying council of a replacement principal certifying authority (this form will be sent to council by the replacement principal certifying authority)
  • applying to the Building Professionals Board to replace a principal certifying authority.

Templates for written contracts for certification work

Form to lodge a complaint about a certifier

To avoid concerns with a certifier or development, it is important to understand:

Go to how to lodge a complaint about a certifier with the Building Professionals Board, for a complaint form, statutory declaration and more details.

Letters to notify neighbours about complying development

Certifiers and property owners have legal obligations to notify neighbours about complying development.