Obligations for bodies corporate

An accredited body corporate is a company that employs a number of certifiers, each accredited by the Building Professionals Board.

Certification work by the body corporate is carried out by an individual certifier on behalf of the body corporate, but within the authorisation of the certifier’s individual accreditation.
To be accredited, a body corporate must:

  • have at least one director who is an accredited certifier
  • have as directors or employees at least two other people who are accredited certifiers
  • hold professional indemnity insurance
  • demonstrate that all directors and managers are ‘fit and proper persons’, whether or not they are accredited by the Board.

Responsibilities of accredited certifier directors

In addition to the statutory obligations of individual certifiers, accredited directors of the body corporate are responsible for ensuring that:

  • certification work is allocated to a director or employee who holds the appropriate category of accreditation
  • any unsatisfactory professional conduct or professional misconduct (whether by the body corporate, another accredited director or an accredited employee) is reported to the Board
  • the body corporate complies with other statutory requirements such as maintaining professional indemnity insurance for the body corporate, identifying and managing conflicts of interest, record keeping, and notifying the Board when required under the Building Professionals Act 2005.