Renew / change my accreditation

All accredited certifiers in NSW must renew their accreditation each year with the Building Professionals Board.

Your renewal form must be complete and you must attach all required supporting documents (such as a statutory declaration).

If the Board receives your form before your accreditation expires, your accreditation will continue even if your form is still being processed by the expiry date.

Click on a link below to find the right form for you:

Renewing accreditation for council certifiers

You are a council accredited certifier if your certificate of accreditation has the word 'council' in the heading and a condition that you may only carry out certification work on behalf of a council.

Councils can save $50 (20% of the accreditation fee per certifier) by submitting the renewal form at least four months before a council-accredited certifier's accreditation is due to expire.

Council accreditation is not affected by local government mergers.

Renewing accreditation for individual (private) certifiers

Complete a standard renewal if you are an individual certifier whose certificate of accreditation does not have the word 'council' in the heading (whether or not you work for a council).

For a standard renewal you need:

  • to complete a pdf renewal of accreditation form (PDF | 250.6K)
  • to provide a certificate of currency for your professional indemnity insurance
  • to prove that you have completed mandatory continuing professional development
  • a witnessed copy of your driver's licence (front and back) to show your current address
  • to pay the renewal fee.

To add or change a category of accreditation, or change the conditions of your accreditation, you need:

Renewal for E1 swimming pool certifiers

Certifiers whose accreditation expired less than three months ago

Renewing accreditation for bodies corporate