Certifier audit program 2019 - findings

In 2019, the Building Professionals Board, as part of NSW Fair Trading, commenced audits of the certification activities of accredited certifiers.

Key objectives of the audit program are to:

  • promote compliance with regulatory requirements
  • identify areas of certification practice that require attention
  • capture data to inform industry education programs
  • improve practices and procedures.

Key audit findings of 2019

In some cases, the certifying authority:

  • failed to ensure that a builder had the appropriate licence
  • issued a construction certificate (CC) where there was a significant discrepancy in the developmentā€™s estimated cost on the CC application form and the Home Building Compensation Fund certificate
  • included a fire safety schedule with the CC where the schedule failed to comply with the EP&A Regulation, i.e. did not list current fire safety measures installed in the building
  • accepted final fire safety certificates that contained additional measures not detailed in the fire safety schedule for the development
  • issued a CC or complying development certificate where endorsed drawings did not show any fire safety measures
  • accepted CC and occupation certificate (OC) application forms that did not contain a list of documents accompanying the application
  • made an incorrect reference to the EP&A Regulation on a record of inspection
  • issued a CC where the plans and specifications for the building did not depict such matters as the BASIX certificate required i.e. plans did not indicate required eaves
  • issued an OC that was inconsistent with the development consent
  • did not keep adequate records, for the purpose of clause 8(1)(g) of the Building Professionals Regulation, in relation to specifying the classification of the building and recording the Lot/DP numbers.

The audit program is ongoing and we will update this page as it progresses.

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