Criteria and experience

To become an accredited certifier in NSW, you must meet core performance criteria, specialty performance criteria and experience requirements.

These criteria and requirements are determined by the Building Professionals Board and set out in the accreditation scheme

Core performance criteria

The core performance criteria include the core skills, core knowledge and core underpinning knowledge are set out in Schedule 1 of the accreditation scheme. All applicants must meet these criteria except where specifically exempted by the scheme.

You can demonstrate you have the core skills and core knowledge by:

Specialty performance criteria

The specialty performance criteria include specialty skills, specialty knowledge and specialty underpinning knowledge. These differ for each category of accreditation and are specified in the accreditation statements in Schedule 2 of the accreditation scheme.

Bachelor of Construction Management (Building) (University of Newcastle)

The University of Newcastle revised its Bachelor of Construction Management (Building) degree with four new and updated units which started in 2011. The revised degree is recognised by the Board as satisfying the specialty performance criteria for categories A1, A2 and A3.

For students who started from 2011 and:

  • haven’t yet graduated, you may apply to the Board for category A4 accreditation but must work under supervision of an A1, A2 or A3 certifier
  • have graduated, you now have a recognised qualification in our accreditation scheme and can apply for A1, A2 and A3 accreditation.

For students who started before 2011:

  • the Bachelor of Construction Management (Building) is not a recognised qualification for A1, A2 or A3 accreditation
  • you can ask the University for a written statement to advise the Board that your degree is equivalent to the revised degree offered from 2011. Before issuing a statement, the University might require that you complete the four new/ updated units.

If you are in the transitional qualification provisions pool and have completed your qualification, you can apply to the Building Professionals Board for accreditation as a council certifier using the following: